We commit to create a safe environment for children in all our programmes at all times by implementing child safeguarding measures and procedures in line with our child protection policy, international standards and best practices. We also insist that our partners do the same

We listen to children to understand what child safety and a safe environment mean for them in their day to-day lives with their families, peers, caregivers and communities. We take children’s views seriously and consider their inputs when planning and implementing child safeguarding measures.

We design prevention and awareness measures to equip children, parents, caregivers, educators, families of origin and community members with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect children against dangerous, risky, violent and abusive situations.

We regularly perform internal and external child safeguarding audits, in line with accepted international standards as promoted and audited by Keeping Children Safe.

We define clear expectations and responsibilities for child safeguarding and establish reporting and whistleblowing mechanisms which enable children, staff and other stakeholders to raise concerns and make complaints. We respond quickly and effectively through clearly defined procedures. This includes reporting to the responsible authorities whenever appropriate. We provide support and counselling to the affected children based on their individual needs.

Furthermore, within communities we advocate that neglect and abuse be recognized as unacceptable. We also strengthen existing community- based child safeguarding systems for our target group.