2016 – 2018

An agreement was signed with “Save the Children” to finance the project “Family Strengthening Services for all the families in the Municipaly of Shkodra”.

Year 2015

Advocacy campaign “Care for me” in order to promote and develop new / adequate typologies of care services in the country, especially the Foster Family

December 2015

Kick-off of the Family Strenthening Project in Thumanë, Tirana (Financed entirely from Antea Cement)

2011- 2014

An Educative project was implemented in Shkodra in an Egyptian school with the support of SOS KDI and the Regional Development Programme


The “Life Skills Improvement” project was supported by the European Commission's Youth in Action programme. 24 young people without parental care from EU and Eastern European countries increase their competencies and self-confidence to be prepared for independent living

2011 – 2012

The project “Peer Research” (Children's Rights in Alternative Care: filling the gap through Peer Research) was implemented, supported by international EU funds, and was implemented in 4 countries: Albania, Czech Republic, Poland and Finland


The Campaign “I Matter”

May, 2008

Kick-off of the Family Strengthening Project in Shkodra

February, 2007

Kick-off of the Family Strengthening Project Don Bosko, Tirana

January 2006

Kick-off of the Family Strengthening Project Sauk, Tirana

August, 2006

Youth Home No. 3 was opened in Tirana


Youth Home No. 1 was opened in Tirana

September 1996

Opening of the “Hermann Gmeiner” school

September, 1995

Opening of the SOS Kindergarten

October, 1996

Official opening ceremony of SOS Children’s Villages Albania

7th of July, 1995

Creation of the two first families in SOS Children’s Village Tirana;

1993- 1995

Start of the construction works to build the SOS family houses


Cooperation Agreement between the Albanian government and SOS KINDERDORF INTERNATIONAL for the opening of SOS Children's Villages Albania.


The organization was founded in 1949 by the great Austrian humanist, Hermann Gmeiner (23.06.1919 - 26.04.1986). He built the first SOS Village in the Austrian town of Imst after World War II, for children who lost their parents.